Daisy - The Real Life Cat-Dog

Meet Daisy - the real life cat-dog. Daisy could not be a more perfect (purrrfect!!) cat for me. I got her during one of the most lowest of low times in my life and she was just what I needed! In the three years that I've had her she has proven to be more of a dog than a cat.

Every day when myself or my husband gets home from work, she wants to be let outside. She loves exploring the outsides. Of course, she loves trees and birds - just like any other cat - but she loves being outdoors. She begs at the door and paws at the door to be let outside.

Daisy also loves to follow us around the house. She wants to be where we are. If we are watching T.V., she is handing with us in the living room. If we are cooking, then she is just chillin' no the kitchen floor awaiting the food preparation. She begs at the table just like a dog when we sit down to eat. To much of hubby's dismay, I do give her bits of food. I have found that she likes salty food. She loves bacon, but doesn't care for sweets. I tried giving her a fruit loop once and she turned it down.

Daisy will also follow me into the bathroom and anxiously await me to finish showering so she can lick the remaining water. She loves water and will drink it wherever she finds it. She loves fresh water the best. She will also drink it from the sink and toilet and I'm sure my own glass if I let her (but I do draw the line somewhere!).

Daisy's a very social cat. She loves playing with anything that lets her use her front paws. She will "box" you, and bat at a catnip ball on a string. The same toy we bought her three years ago for only $4. She doesn't care that the handle is made of plastic that is now bent or that the feathers feel off two years ago. I've tried getting her a new one, but she prefers the old one.

Daisy also loves her food. She used to beg whenever she saw either me or my husband because she wanted more food. I must admit, when I first got her - I literally thought I could feed her just like a cat - so I always kept her bowl full. I couldn't keep up with her though! She ate till she made herself sick. She loves her food!

Eventually I researched and figured out the healthy amount to give her. (Pretty sure she gained 5 pounds in the first two months that I had her. - She was two years old and a very chubby cat!) Now she has an automatic feeder that goes off twice a day. She clearly has an internal clock because about an hour from when it is supposed go off she will sit by it waiting. She will also meow at us until it does because she has figured out we can override it and also set it off early for her. (She is smart!) So there it is, meet daisy - my real life cat that acts more like a dog sometimes.

Tell me about your pet! What makes them special??? Do they have any special behaviors???

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