Here I Am

I would like to have a post with New Year, New Me - but that just ain't true and probably never will be. I think the best I will get is New Year, Better Me - for now though, let's just say New Year, Same Me. I created this space several months ago to just be me. Perhaps I haven't posted because I'm not ready to be vulnerable. Perhaps I don't know how to share myself without the fear of rejection. People do it every day online though and I admire them - it is those very people that give me courage and often make me feel not so alone. We all have too great of a story to tell to stay silent. - Is that not the whole point of movements such as Me Too? Perhaps I am not that brave yet, but I can take baby steps and share the lights throughout my year in hopes that someone will find comfort in knowing they are not alone.

If you feel scared or alone, regardless of your situation, walk of life, or circumstances, please know you are not alone. If you feel like no one will listen or no one understands you - I can promise you I will listen - even if I don't understand what you may be going through. Please don't go another minute thinking no one wants to listen. I want to listen. I am holding the door open for anyone wanting to walk-in. 

I have so much more to say and would like to share more about what makes me, me. Here's what you can expect from me in the next two months:

If you have any other suggestions or requests for posts of what you would like me to share so I can get this blog rolling, drop a comment or send me a message!


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