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We're Pregnant! | Week 4 Bumpdate

Written Date: October 20, 2019 It still doesn't feel real, but last week we found out that we're pregnant! Based on my own calculations Baby is due the end of June right after my parent's anniversary. We will see how accurate that is when we go in and have the doctor calculate our due date. I was nervous to tell Kevin, which just seems ridiculous now, but I didn't actually think we would get pregnant this month. We have been trying for a little less than 6 months, but I have already resigned myself to the fact that it may take a year or more to conceive. I took a pregnancy test earlier in the day, it was one of the ones that has a plus sign if you are pregnant and a minus sign if you're not. The minus sign was a darker blue and the plus part seemed faint. I was so surprised that it even slightly appeared and did not believe that meant we were actually pregnant. I was working a few hours that night, so I went into work as if nothing had happened and thought all n